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"On Turning To Dust"
AB Records 1978 / Solid Rock 1978
On Turning To Dust - cover

Song Credits:
Cabin in Gloryland - © 1944 by O. A. Parris, writer - Cpl. Curtis Stewart
Greensleeves interlude - English Melody - 16th Century
There is a Fountain - Early American melody, words by William Cowper, 1771
Passion Chorale - Hans Leo Hassler, 1601; harmony by J. S. Bach, 1729,words by Bernard of Clairvaux - eleventh Century
Dinner at Grandma's - by Mark Heard, Pat Terry, Jeff Vansant, Wayne King © 1975
All other songs © 1975 Mark Heard

Studio Credits:
Mark Heard: Guitars, vocals, piano, synthesizer and hambone
Earl Grigsby: Bass
Frank Godby: Banjo
John Heinrich: Pedal Steel
Chuck Long: Sandblocks
Jim Pennington: Percussion
Strings arranged by Dave Aldrich and performed by the Lamay String Quartet
Engineer: Cecil Jones
Photography and cover design by Mark and Janet Sue Heard
Recorded at Lemco Studios, Lexington, Kentucky

I wish to thank Billy Wren, Chuck Long, Pat Terry, Ron Moore, Lightning Vansant, Allen Akin and my folks for the work, help and encouragement they have provided.
Special love to Janet Sue.

This album is a collection of attitudes concerned with life in the framework of Biblical Christianity

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