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"Orphans of God"
Fingerprint Records 1996
Orphans of God - cover

Disc One

Orphans of God  [Buddy and Julie Miller]
We Know Too Much  [Michael Been of The Call]
Freight Train to Nowhere  [The Vigilantes of Love]
It's Not Your Fault  [Ashley Cleveland]
I Just Wanna Get Warm  [Dan Russell]
Satellite Sky  [Kate Taylor]
Mercy of the Flame  [Pat Terry]
Rise from the Ruins  [Brooks Williams]
Strong Hand of Love  [Bruce Cockburn]
What Kind of Friend  [Victoria Williams]
House of Broken Dreams  [The Williams Brothers]
Tip of My Tongue  [Tom Prasada-Rao]
Everything is Alright  [Phil Keaggy]
Big and Strong  [Olivia Newton-John]
All She Wanted Was Love  [Big Faith]
Another Good Lie  [hezze]
Treasure of the Broken Land  [Chagall Guevara]

Disc Two

Lonely Moon  [Kevin Smith of DC Talk]
Worry Too Much  [Harrod and Funck]
Fire  [bob]
Big Wheels Roll  [John Austin]
Rise from the Ruins  [Parmin Sisters]
Watching the Ship Go Down  [Iain]
Mercy of the Flame  [Pat Terry]
Another Day in Limbo  [Tonio K.]
Love is so Blind  [Carolyn Arends]
Nod Over Coffee [Pierce Pettis]
Remarks To Mr. McLuhan  [Ramona Silver]
Long Way Down  [Swinging Steaks]
Look Over Your Shoulder  [Randy Stonehill & Kate Miner]
Threw It Away  [Glenn Kaiser of REZ Band]
Dry Bones Dance  [Colin Linden]
Tip Of My Tongue  [The Choir]
Strong Hand of Love  [Daniel Amos]
Hammers and Nails  [Marvin Etzioni]

Orphans of God  ~  Reviews / LYRICS TOUR / DISCOGRAPHY