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1. Where to purchase Mark Heard's recordings?

[ NOTE: All of Mark Heard's albums at one time or another have been available on the CD format, but many are out of print as of today ]

~ To purchase Mark's albums released on the Fingerprint-label, as well as other selected releases, please visit Paste Music's excellent web site

~ To purchase Mark's albums released on the Home Sweet Home-label, visit Home Sweet Home's own web site

~ Other webstores:

US: Blind Records
Europe: lo-fi

~ To purchase Mark's album Appalachian Melody released on Larry Norman's Solid Rock-label, visit Larry Norman's own web site. This album has not yet been officially released on CD, so please forward a note to Mr. Norman and tell him your are awaiting this CD release.

~ NB! Out of print:
To purchase the reissue of Mark's first album Setting Yesterday Free (recorded with the group Infinity Plus Three), or the reissue of Mark's selftitled first solo album, both albums released on CD, contact Fingerprint Records or Giovanni Audiori, PO Box 5, Wentzville, MO 63385-0005 (Checks/money orders payable to "Eric Townsend")

[ To purchase the vinyl releases of Mark's early recordings (that is every album until and including iDEoLA Tribal Opera - 1987), you will have to surf the different vinyl web sites of the net. You could as well start your search at or ]

2. Does this website include audio-files of Mark's music?

~ No, but the Paste Store does feature a few MP3 files.

3. How to get in contact with the late Mark Heard's record-company?

[ NB! by now, out of business:
Fingerprint Records
Box 197, Merrimac
MA 01860

or e-mail:
Fingerprint Records ]

NEWS of SPRING 2003:
Paste Records made agreement with Dan Russell, Janet Heard and Fingerprint to become the new home for Mark Heard's music.

4. How to help perpetuate the legacy of Mark's work?

~ By purchasing, as well as playing Mark's music, of course :-)

~ We would strongly encourage you to include The Mark Heard Tribute Project banner on your web site, together with this link:

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