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"Appalachian Melody"
Solid Rock Records 1979
Appalachian Melody - cover

“Back in the late ’70s every new release on the Solid Rock label was a momentous occasion for me. I remember when this one hit the racks—Mark who? Looked kinda folky, but it had that ‘Larry Norman Presents’ teaser on the front so I bought it on the spot, took it home, played it and immediately thought ‘hmmm, that’s nice—the Christian James Taylor.’ The album didn’t sink in immediately as I was hoping for something musically more radical, but over time I began to see that there was something very special here. As with Mark’s debut, Appalachian Melody is mostly acoustic ballads with a gentle-breeze, back-to- nature vibe, a few tenderly orchestrated, plus some light- to-middle-ground rock of the Stonehill-Norman variety with Jon Linn on lead guitar. Still sounds just as fresh today.”—Ken Scott at

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